About our Calendar
Our new calendar is online and functioning
it contains listings for area Milongas and Special Events and it has the following color coding:

Red                     Sarasota area milongas
Deep Red                     Sarasota area Special Events
Blue                     Tampa Milongas           
Dark Blue                     Tampa Special Events            
Lavendar                     Ft Myers, Naples Milongas
  Purple                     Ft Myers, Naples Special Events
Blue Green                     Other Florida Events              
Black                     Argentina Events         

All Underlined milonga names etc. on the calendar are links to flyers or more information
and open on the existing browser page (ie they
Do Not open a new page), therefore you can
navigate back and forth with the "
Return to Calendar" links on my web pages, or your
browsers "back" button. On those rare occasions where the calendar sends you to a different
site you must use the back button to return to the calendar.
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