Link Use
How to use links on the Supplies, Studios and Links pages.

The Links on the Supplies and Links pages are banners, and the ones on the Studios page
are script, but all these links act the same. They open on a new page in the Browser. That
means that this site,
Sarasota Tango Info, will still be on it's original page in the Browser.
The browser's back button will not return you to this site from the one you were sent to
by the link. You must either close or minimize the other site, or click on the tab or task
bar listing for the page you left from on this site. Then the page you left will be displayed
The reasons for doing this in this manner are :

1. No matter how many pages you go to in the new site, or how many links you might
"click" (activate) on that site, you can return to the page from which you left (on this site)
with just  
One click.

2.  The other site can remain open and running (if you either minimized it, or clicked this
site from the tab bar-----if you closed it-- it's gone). Leaving it running allows you to return
to it at any time by clicking it on the tab bar. Also in the case of one of the Tango Radio
stations, you could leave the music playing in the background while you retorn to this site
for more browsing.